Amitzim: What Frozen Things Do in Summer


Amitzim is having a fantastic time with this week’s theme (and this year’s hottest movie), Frozen!  Sunday night’s peulat erev (evening activity) was a special Frozen beach party at the agam (lake).  We had a sandcastle-making contest, and each group created unique and interesting royal castles.  We also had a Royal Ball, where we learned a special Scandinavian dance, which was wacky and lots of fun.  Tonight (Tuesday) was a big moment for this week’s theme.  Instead of having peulat erev after dinner like we usually do, we gathered with the entire camp to watch Magshimim and Bogrim [two other edot (age groups)] put on their play, which was… *drumroll please*… FROZEN!  Seeing our favorite characters in person and getting to hear the songs in Hebrew was especially cool.

In other news, we’re enjoying our new rotation of chugim (electives), which started on Sunday.  All of the chanichim (campers) are busy learning new skills and spending time exploring new activities offered here at camp.  We’ll be staying in our current chugim through the rest of first session, and those who are staying for second session will begin a new rotation again then.  Beyond enjoying our new chugim, we’ve also been doing lots of singing, dancing, learning, and more in our regularly scheduled activities.  It is absolutely clear that Amitzim has an enormous amount of ruach (spirit), which makes each day spectacular.  We can’t wait to continue this awesome week!

Designing clay tiles in omanut (art)
An exciting game of knockout in basketball chug
The official king and queen of the Frozen beach party




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