Amitzim: Yom Tikun Olam

Wednesday, July 2
Today was an incredible day for Amitzim. We spent the entire day practicing our social skills with our 70 new friends from Magshimim (one of the B-Side divisions) for Yom Tikun Olam. In the morning, we got to know each other better by breaking up into small groups for ice breaker activities, athletic games, and even a water fight! Both the Amitzimers and the Magshimimers loved eating a picnic lunch together in the sun on the tzad bet migrash. In the afternoon we learned about Tikun Olam (fixing the world) through a number of activities. Again In small groups with our Magshimim friends, we designed and painted signs to hang up around camp to remind our community of ways to protect the environment. Then we made stuffed animals to give to sick children and we sculpted mezuzot out of clay to donate to a synagogue that is being rebuilt. We also learned about a few social justice issues around the world. Right now, your children are on their way back to their bunks after watching Machon’s stellar performance of Peter Pan. Whew, what a day! All of the Amitzim campers and counselors will sleep very well tonight.
Kol Tuv,

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