Amitzim’s Busy Week!


In Amitzim, we had an incredible end to our week. We had a fabulous time at Six Flags! At the park, we split into groups with our friends from Voc Ed and went on rides, played games, and cooled off in the water park. We even joined the amusement park entertainers in performing!


Though we loved all of the fun things we got to do at the park, the best part of the day was being able to see all of our friends from all over camp. We were all wearing Camp Ramah t-shirts and there was an incredible sense of family and belonging every time a group passed another. We loved greeting the other camp groups with "hellos" and "high-fives!"

After recovering from the excitement with a normal day on Thursday, we had another special day today. We spent the morning participating in Boker Tzrif activities with the rest of camp. (Each bunk went around to multiple activities as a bunk for the duration of the morning.) We played games with a parachute, danced, jammed and sang with our songleading staff, cooked, and even jumped on the trampoline.

Our day got even better after lunch, when we got to explore a firetruck! (The fire department sent the truck over to bring the foam for Tzad Alef's Yom Foam.) We climbed on the truck and learned from the firefighters about how quickly they have to get ready to fight fires. It was very interesting. Even our fearless leader Howard Blas got a turn!


We are now about to begin our second Shabbat at camp. We can't wait to relax, sing songs, and spend time with our friends.

Shabbat Shalom!


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