Amitzim’s ‘Leil Mada’ (Science night!)


Last night the chanichim of Amitzim became mad scientists and had an awesome "leil mada" (night of science). Amitzim was split into three "lab" tables where they had all the materials at stations ready to do a few really cool projects. The first project was making 'ooblik' by mixing cornstarch and water which turns into a sticky substance that melts in your hands. Then all of the scientists mixed food coloring in milk. When they dropped a hint of dish soap onto the plate of milk it turned into a beautiful colorful creation. Check it out:  DSC02162 The rest of the evening was spent mixing vinegar with baking soda in order to watch it explode and making milk curdle by mixing it with lemon juice. All of the Amitzim scientists had a great time mixing and creating all of the ingredients and projects. Thanks to the counselors for all of their hard work in planning and leading the peulah (activity)!  DSC02153Amitzim hard at work:DSC02149

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