Amitzim’s Super Busy Week


What a busy week we have had in Amitzim!

On Monday, we joined the camp in participating in Yom Sport.
We proudly wore our team colors and cheered for our teams to do well. It was a
very hot day, so we made sure to take a break and have a waterfight! In the
afternoon, we walked to Rondeau’s to get ice cream. Along the way, we sang
songs, talked, and stopped to take pictures.


We thought it was especially funny that Bennett, a new
camper in our edah, has the same name as the street on which camp is located!


Our week was a lot of fun. We began new chugim (electives),
allowing us to try new activities. Amitzim campers chose from the ropes course,
omanut (art), boating, drama, and teva (nature).

We also had some great peulot erev (evening activities) this week. On
Tuesday night we had a Bracha (blessing) scavenger hunt in which we went all
over camp following clues to different things over which a bracha can be said.
Since we are doing our Taking Ramah Home project on the subject of brachot, it
was a perfect way to learn how to appreciate all of the beautiful things around

On Wednesday night we had an Amitzim cruise at which we
sipped juice, sang karaoke, played shuffleboard, bowled, and soaked our CITs
with sponges. On Thursday night, as usual, we had a medura (campfire). This
time we were especially excited because we got to eat smores!

We are looking forward to celebrating Shabbat Tikvah tonight
by performing a song and dance for the entire camp. We also can’t wait for the
Tikvah at 40 reunion and celebration on Sunday. We feel so lucky to be a part
of such a special program at Camp Ramah.

Shabbat Shalom!


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