Amitzim’s World Vacation



Amitzim has just returned from our Yom Meyuchad (special day) world tour on Tuesday! We started the day by making passports and playing American-style party games. We then put on facepaint and went on an African safari in which we encountered lions, giraffes, and many birds. We had a drum circle at which we learned an African tribal song and then taught each other songs in Hebrew and English as well. We then flew to Europe to play in the World Cup. It was hard to believe that we were in three continents before lunch!

After lunch and a brief rest, we flew down under for an Australian beach party. We then travelled to South America where we enjoyed tropical smoothies and made bunk flags. After a break for showers and dinner, we flew to our last stop, Israel, where we played an Israel trivia game and sang Hebrew songs before going to bed.   


We spent yesterday and today in Palmer, Massachusetts, happy to be in one place with a regular schedule. We are looking forward to the carnival and banquet tonight and are counting down the days until we get to see our family and friends on Visiting Day!

Kol tuv,


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