Amitzim’s Yom Olympics!

Yesterday Amitzim had a spectacular yom meyuchad (special day) – Yom Olympics!  We began with Opening Ceremonies, parading around Tzad Bet (B-Side).  After dividing into teams, we created new countries of our own imagination, and performed cheers for each country in front of the whole edah (division).  Next each team put together a banner, which became their country flag.  Once we had finished preparing the foundations of our new countries, the games began!

The main event was a variety of soccer activities and a big soccer game, which were all quite exciting.  Then we all participated in a rotation of stations, which included stretching, discus and javelin, Zumba, and an obstacle course.  In the afternoon we played some fun water games, and enjoyed splashing each other with water balloons.   The day also held the ultimate treat – a trip to Rondeau’s Ice Cream Bar with the entire edah!  We all enjoyed the delicious ice cream, and walked back to camp satisfied.  As we walked back into camp the heavens opened up and we got drenched in rain, but there was a gorgeous rainbow waiting for us on Tzad Bet, which made the whole experience worth it.  Finally, we ended our day with a bang by watching a special private circus arts and acrobatics performance from Lauren Breunig, a specialist visiting camp for the week.

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