An exciting first day!!

It was a great thrill seeing camp come to life this morning as the gates opened and so many familiar faces — along with so many brand new Ramahniks! — flooded into camp.  After an intense Staff Week working to prepare, our Counselors were so excited to finally see their campers arrive! 

We were blessed with a sunny day (for the most part!), and walking around camp it was so great to see our madrichim (counselors) running all sorts of peulot tzrif (bunk activities) with their newly-arrived kids.  All of Tzad Aleph had a chance to take their swim tests, so that they can get right in the water during their regular agam perek tomorrow.  And all of our campers (even on Tzad Bet!) had a chance to meet with our amazing and talented specialists, to hear about the Chugim and Tarbut Yehudit (Jewish Arts) options that are available to them this summer.  Pretty soon, all of our Roshei Edah will begin the first-night ritual we call "leveling" — dividing their kids into their options of choice, so that everyone can dive into the activities they selected, first thing tomorrow morning!  Meanwhile, our Tzad Bet edot are in the middle of their Peulot Erev (night activities), and our Tzad Aleph counselors are in their bunks doing harga'ot (reading stories, playing music, etc.) to get everyone ready to go to sleep on their first night back at camp.

Layla tov!  We'll be back here tomorrow to tell you all about our first FULL day of the summer!  (And if you haven't visited our web-site, there are lots of GREAT photos already posted there!)

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