An Exciting First Week!!!

Greeting from Camp Ramah!

Camp is off to a great start.  Bogrim has had an exciting first few days. On
our first night, Bogrim counselors planned a peulat erev (night activity) to help campers get to know each other
and get acclimated to their new environment. 
As part of this program, each bunk worked together to design a bunk banner
.  These banners will be hung in our Moadon for the rest of the summer and
will be a symbol of our Edah pride and unity.

This week, our campers  began their Chugim (activities options).  In addition to various sports, and Art &
Crafts options, our campers have been taking advantage of our new drama, Rikud  (dance) and Shira  (music) staff.  Our Edah is so excited to work with this staff  to create a Camp Ramah production of Fiddler on the Roof with Magshimim.

Tonight, our Edah had our first bonfire.  Our talented Shira (song) staff led us in Jewish
song and dance, while campers roasted all sorts of treats in our fire.  The bonfire is a wonderful segue into our first Shabbat in camp, which we anticipate will be filled with Ruach, Song and meaningful prayer.

Stay tuned for next week’s Bogrim blog post, as we prepare
for our trip to Six Flags and Shabbat Bogrim! 

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