An exciting week for Magshimim


In addition to the excitement of our play, Magshimim has been busy with many other fun activities. Thursday was the camp-wide trip to Six Flags. Our chanichim (campers) had a blast going around the park between roller coasters, the water park, and all of the fun games in between. Some kids conquered their fear of the bigger rides, and others enjoyed a relaxing day by the wave pool. A fun time was had by all! When we got back from Six Flags we had a medura, a campfire. The Magshimimers had a chance to show off their talents, sing, and enjoy a snack. We started the medura with a combination of Hebrew songs and some good old-fashioned campfire songs, and then got to see the talent that Magshimim has to offer. Elana played the ukulele, Jeremy played the guitar, and we had quite a few talented rappers. It was fun to see the chanichim cheering each other on.




Over our relaxing Shabbat, Magshimim talked a little bit about sacrifices, as that was part of this past week's parsha. The chanichim discussed what kinds of things are hard for them to give up in their lives, what items or concepts are most essential, and how to make those kinds of decisions. The kids enjoyed the discussion and hearing what others had to say.

Finally we got to Sunday/Monday's Yom Sport (Color War), a much beloved day in Camp Ramah in New England! Despite the non-ideal weather conditions, kids still played sports, participated in the apache relay race across the whole camp, and had lots of ruach (spirit) throughout the day for their color. We got to see some impressive songs, dances, and banners displayed. While everyone showed their best effort, the winners of the day were adom! Magshimim plans to get some rest over the next day, as we have another big, fun adventure on Wednesday when we compete against Camp Ramah in the Berkshires in many sports at their camp! We can't wait!

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