An Exciting Week in Bogrim!

What an eventful start to second session!

We started off the session with two fun filled
peulot erev.
Our first night, bunks got to know each other and meet all their
friends through a slightly-altered version of “Capture the Counselor.” 
Each bunk worked together as a team to
fulfill various challenges, including: teaching our Edah song to new
assembling a human pyramid, singing their favorite song from Friday
services and solving a riddle. Each task earned the group a new clue to
them to their counselor. 

To build on the “Capture the Counselor” team
bonding, we had
a “duo” themed bonfire on Thursday night. 
Each camper came dressed up as a dynamic duo of their choice. 
We were privy to the campers’ diverse, creative
interpretation of duos, ranging from Peanut Butter and Jelly to John
Lennon and
Yoko Ono.  After each duo presented their
costume of choice, we roasted corn around the campfire and sang duo
songs like “Lean On Me”, “Love Me Do”, “You’ve Got A friend” and

That strong Edah Bond built at these peulot erev
over into a spiritually uplifting Shabbat. Last week’s parsha (weekly
portion) included
the Ten Commandments. Shabbat afternoon, Bogrim Campers broke up into
groups to
explore a commandment and discuss its modern relevance and application
to their
lives. We ended Shabbat with a musical havdallah under the stars and a
fun night of mandatory fun, where we all danced to our favorite Israeli

We kicked off this week with Kishroniyah!  During
Kishroniyah campers have the
opportunity to learn a brand new skill or hone an old one with an expert
in the
field of their choosing, including: Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee,
Football, Comic Strip creating, Engineering, Cooking, improvisation,
and bible raps.  For two days, campers
tapped into newly found talents or exercised some old creative muscles.  

Yesterday, we had our first yom meyuchad of the
session called “Yom Super Hero.” 
The whole day of programming was planned by our talented Bogrim staff.  Throughout the day, campers engaged in different activities and
with an eye towards a simple yet elusive goal: Defining what a hero
means to
them. We learned that the hero label did not translate only to
famous, commonly known heroes, but should be placed proudly on a lot of
people we know.

Did we conclude that we are heroes? After the bold
of this session, we just might be. BOGRIM 2010!

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