Ayin LeTzion (Eye Towards Zion): Summer Theme & Machon

Machane Ramah’s special summer theme is “Eye Towards Zion”,  עין לציון.   This theme encompasses many topics related to Israel, as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.   עין לציון  is central in our camp-wide programming, including Limud (education) sessions.  Shara Siegfeld, Rosh Limud (Head of Education), pictured below, has devotedly served Camp Ramah Palmer for many years.  This summer she has gathered and prepared these sessions together with multiple talented educators — both Israeli and American — to present engaging, exciting Limud sessions.

Pictured here are the Machon chanichim (campers), engaged and learning with their chug leaders.  Today’s discussion centered around the National Anthem, Hatikvah.  Our chanichim were encouraged to speak up about questions such as what is a national anthem for? What does it mean to you personally? What do the words עין לציון mean to you?  Groups were seen and heard all around the Sifriyah (library) complex, in respectful dialogue and discussion about these questions.


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