Baby Beluga Adon Olam at Camp Ramah

Creativity abounds at Camp Ramah Palmer in song, dance, drama, art and…tefillah.  You heard it here folks: the next Adon Olam hit tune is…Baby Beluga! Tefillah at Ramah is known for its ruach, kavanna, creative musicality, participation and fun. Recently, our Visiting Shira Specialist  Phil put Adon Olam to the tune of Baby Beluga originally for his young son — and then exported his rendition to our Shavua Hachana (Staff Week) tefilla.  Pictured above are Visiting Shira Specialist Phil B. and Rosh Rikud Sarah R., hard at work prepping for the kayitz, and more original tefilla to come when our hanichim arrive…today!

Categories: Music, Tefillot