Banim/Banot Bogrim Bonding


Last night we had some amazing programs going on for our chanichim. The banim (boys) and banot (girls) split up and each had their own special sleepover.

The banim camped out in the treehouse at camp. They got to bake apples and hang out around a campfire together. Overall it was a blast. In the morning they woke up and got to have rocky mountain toast and t’fillot in the woods. They cleaned up and got back for another fun day at camp!

The banot had their own special activity. They slept in the beit knesset and had a really nice evening. They had a meaningful peula (activity) where they did a form of boundary breakers. They even got to watch a movie before going to sleep!

Overall it was really nice way to help chanichim from different tzrifim (bunks) branch out together. While this happens every day throughout the various activities, it was nice that they all got to spend a night bonding together. The edah has become very unified over the course of the summer, and this just helped to further bring them together. It’s really amazing to be able to watch the growth that these kids go through and to see how far they have come as a group over the course of first session!

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