Baruch Atah…Thank You For Amitzim!

This week, Amitzim had a Peulat Erev (evening activity) dedicated to our Take-Home Project: Brachot (blessings). We've spent most of the summer learning about different brachot for various subjects including food, nature, morning tefillot, and Shabbat. This week, we discussed how we can create our own brachot for things that are important to us. The peulah began with a skit by counselors Dan Blas and Ari Blonder, who pretended to fall asleep in tefillot only to be reenergized by the personal brachot that they were able to recite. The campers then each filled out a page that began with the opening words of the bracha formula ("Baruch Atah Hashem") and ended with a blank. Campers either selected answers from a list or created their own and decorated the sheet. We will be compiling all of the pages into an "Amitzim Bracha Yearbook" to be taken home. We are really excited to share everything we have learned with our families and friends! 

Check out some of Amitzim's answers below: 

Thank You for…

Shira- Camp Ramah, love, my counselors, the Amitzim play, my sister

Rebecca- my family and camp

Rachel- family and Shabbat

Ilyse- my mom, my dad, my dog, and my house

Sarah- Torah, Mommy and Daddy and brother, water

Nicole- all my friends I can play with and my family

Jennifer- family, friends, and camp

Allegra- the stars and climbing the iceberg (in the agam)

Matthew- Mom, Dad, Howard, and spaghetti

Eli- my Wolverine book and Camp Ramah

Joshua- Pokemon cards and a good year

Isaac- my family and my mom

Sam- my mom, dad, panda, and Samantha

Riffy- the rainbow

Bennett- Shabbat, family and friends, sports

Jacob- family and friends

Aaron- working in the guesthouse

Bryce- Mom, Dad, buses, and boating

Eric- parents, counselors, and family

Sammy- my counselors and friends

Amitzim Staff- Amitzim 2010!!

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