Basketball Chug (elective): Spotlight on Riyadh Asad

Riyadh Asad, our 2nd Session Basketball Chug coach, is headed to play professional basketball this fall in England.  On the side, he will be studying for his master’s degree in psychology at Oxford Brooks University.  Originally from Springfield MA, Riyadh also played high school and college basketball at Presentation College in South Dakota.  He has extensive experience coaching at various schools and summer clinics in the Springfield area.  Riyadh is 6’4″ and he has a great rapport with these chanichim (campers) from adat ha-Magshimim and adat ha-Bogrim, as he imparts his expertise and finesse through drills and games.  This is Riyadh’s first summer at Ramah Palmer, and he is finding our machane (camp) to be a fun, kind, welcoming environment with enthusiastic chanichim.



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