B’chol Dor Vador–Emily Shoyer of Solelim


Today I had the opportunity to hear Emily Shoyer of Solelim give a great d’var Torah on the passage in the Haggadah which says “B’chol Dor Vador”–In every generation a person is supposed to look at him/herself as s/he went out of the land of Egypt.
Emily asked the hanikhim what that meant and they gave the fascinating answers that kids that age usually do. One girl said that if God hadn’t taken us out of Egypt there would be economic collapse today. Made me stop and think for a while. Emily’s d’var Torah is part of Solelim’s theme this summer, the Hagim, the Jewish holidays. Kol hakavod Emily. Keep up the great work.
Josh Kulp, Rosh Bet Midrash