B’dikat Chameitz Nikayon with Solelim


Bruchim Haba’im L’Solelim 2013!!!!

We are so excited to begin launching into our summer themes: our camp-wide summer theme of Amidah (the prayer and the concept of standing up for yourself, others, and things we believe in), and our additional edah theme of the Jewish Holidays. This summer, Solelim will be celebrating the entire calendar year’s worth of Jewish holidays, all in 8 weeks!

Tzrif 25 finds some Chameitz on their Mirpeset

This morning, we began our celebration of the holidays with the ritual for nullifying the leavened foods that is performed on the day before Pesach: the B’dikat Chameitz. Each tzrif (bunk) learned the bracha (blessing) that you recite before starting the ritual, and the prayer that is said at the end of the ritual as well. The madrichim (counselors) hid 10 bow tie noodles around the tzrif, and as the kids learned to clean each area of the tzrif (such as the sinks, the mirpeset (porch), the shelves, the floor, etc.), they “found” the chameitz. They picked up each noodle with a spoon and we will be burning all the chameitz at our medura (campfire) tomorrow night.

Tzrif 17 finds some chameitz on their mirpeset

We’re looking forward to celebrating Pesach over the next few days!

Chag Sameach,


Al biyur chameitz

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