Bechirot (free choice club): Teva (nature) Club

One of our newest Tzad Aleph (A-side) Bechirot is our Teva Club.  This club is the perfect opportunity to connect with our Machaneh (camp) environment. Whether you’re a nature person or not, there’s lots of opportunities for meditation, art, exploration, cloud watching, learning, and fun!  Led by madrichim (counselors) Bo Rider and Jacob Cannon, the club is full of cloud-watching and satire, along with some actual nature facts about the flora and fauna around our 100 acres.   Bo and Rider share an interest in all sorts of animals and bugs.  The participants — chanichim and madrichim alike — take pleasure in creating wild and sometimes comedic theories, such as the birds are really government surveillance apparatus as just one example.  Another example is that the trees are made of bones and clouds are made of water bones.   The photos top and below show the participants. Which one is the silly photo?

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