Becky and Bishul (cooking)

Bishul got off to a great start; our exit poll elicited comments such as: “tasty”,  “fun”, “yummy” and “interesting”.  The chanichim (campers) are from all edot (divisions), totaling 64 chanichim every day.  Most are becoming enthusiastic cooks. Each chug is instructed on “safety first”, including proper hand and handle washing, back burner use  to avoid burns, and how to handle knives.




Each perek (session) made 2 batches of fortune cookies — the first included fortunes that another chanich would open, examples: “Make it to D water of the Agam (lake)”, “May you get your first choice in all chugim”, ” You will have a good summer”, “You will suddenly realize something important”, and this gem from Magshimim, “You are about to eat a fortune cookie”.  The second batch included the name of an ingredient used in the fortune cookie…to be opened by the chanichim in the next perek.

In addition to the fortune cookies,  One perek made the Palmer Original House Specialty: gluten free, nut free, kosher, pareve Vintage Palmer Sunbutter Cookies, which are the gluten and nutfree version of…peanut butter with Hershey kiss cookies! Pictured are the various edot participating in bishul.  The chug leader,  Becky May, is a parent, educator,  jack-of-all-trades, auto mechanic, and creator of the Palmer Original House Specialty.