Behind the Scenes: Banquet

I've just returned from the traditional Camp Ramah New England end-of-summer banquet. The entire camp feasted on a delicious variety of delicacies and enjoyed the musical entertainment provided by each edah in turn.

I went behind the scenes to ask the Cookin' Crew just what it takes to provide a festive meal such as this.

According to Sean, Head Chef and all-round kitchen wizard, it takes:

  • 500 lbs of beef
  • 60 lbs of dry rice
  • 200 lbs of vegetables
  • 7,000 appitizers (prepared in-house)

and that's just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

The Cookin' Crew prepared enough food for 800 people. The appitizers were prepared yesterday, as were roughly 1,000 cupcakes with blue or red frosting. Today the crew started at 12:00 pm and went to work on the steak tips, stir-fried vegetables, rice and salad. Six hours later everything was ready and waiting to be served.

Stuart, our resident baker, baked 2,000 rolls this afternoon, ready for this evening and for Shabbat meals. According to him it "only took four hours." I asked him how he managed such a feat and his answer was "It's magic." All I can say is I wish I knew his secret.

As if just putting together the regular menu wasn't enough of a challenge, the Cookin' Crew also provided vegetarian alternatives and various safe meals for the food-allergic crowd.

Everything was expertly served by Nevonim campers. It took split-second timing to ensure that all the food was served in the right order, to the right tables, at the right time.

All in all, it was a magnificent effort which was much appreciated by campers and staff alike.

Early on, Kochavim campers took to the stage to share one of their favorite songs with us



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