Behind the Scenes: Challah for Hundreds…


Stuart Weissman, Camp Ramah's resident baker, can cut and weigh enough dough for seven challot in 35 seconds. That's a good thing when you consider he's making 153 challot for Shabbat this week.

Starting at around 5am this morning, Stuart has been mixing, kneeding and rolling dough all day. In case you ever need to make this many challot in one go, here are the ingredients you'll need:

  • 100lb flour
  • 12 quarts eggs
  • 10 quarts oil
  • 10lb sugar
  • 2lb yeast
  • salt to taste



Stuart has years of experience behind him as a professional baker. According to him, braiding a 6-braid challah is the easy part. The trickier part is getting to that point in the process.

Watch Stuart's time-saving braiding technique in the video below. Instead of dividing each ball of dough into three separate strands for braiding, he simply rolls one large roll and then cuts the strands from it, leaving them connected at the top end. Quick, easy and efficient!

Next up on Stuart's To Do List? Delicious Friday night brownies!

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