Bike Riding For Tikvah: Tour De Shuls in Two States!

I biked 50 miles last Sunday, but that is not big news.  The truly wonderful story is that shul members, riders, some congregational rabbis and cantors, and members of the Tikvah Voc Ed Program came out to support the Tour de Shuls bike rides in both Boston, MA and West Hartford, CT. The Federation of Jewish Mens' Clubs, long times supporters of the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England, created this cleverly named ride three years ago;  the ride is fun for bike riders of all ages (nearly 150 participated this year), and it brings together congregants who cheer and provide snacks and drinks to the riders.  Proceeds of the ride benefit our Tikvah Program, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary on July 11th.  Thanks to all who organized the ride, participated, cheered and donated (it's still not too late!


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