Bogrim ’14 – start of Week 7


Bogrim joined of B Side as they stood with pure awe and exhilaration when the 2014 Evelyn Dragat Rubinstein Memorial week of Tzrif Competition got underway. Mrs. Rubinstein is a mysterious figure in Ramah lore – her oil portrait hangs in Josh Edelglass’ office, but no one really knows why…So in order to fill in the blank spaces, during week 7, all of B side competes to get to know more about Evelyn. Yet only one bunk will be crowned winners. Last Sunday the games began with a dramatic breakout and reveal of the portrait, as well as with the “Derbevelyn” in which bunks competed in as many small games as they could in order to win points for Evelyn. Smaller competitions are held throughout the week to earn more points. The Bogrim bunks looked to be in good shape on Sunday night.

There was a little more Evelyn  fun Monday morning before Bogrim loaded the buses for their day trip. They went to Hadley, MA for mini golf and a movie theater experience. The campers enjoyed the chance to show off their mini golf skills after our Country Club peulat erev, and also enjoyed the silly action movie,Guardians of the Galaxy.

Monday evening and Tuesday the tone of camp changes a note for the 9 of Av. Five Bogrimers chanted eicha for all of B side and as a whole, Bogrim handled the 9 of Av seriously with maturity and poise. Our counselors ran an activity for the edah where they spoke about what it means to make a space holy. Bogrimers ranked prints of pictures from most to least holy, and then spoke about places in their lives which they consider holy. It was fascinating and inspiring to hear our campers perspectives on what holiness, kadosh, is and where they can find it. 

Bogrim is ready to continue to excel in the Evelyn games, and is already looking forward to Bogrim shabbat this week!

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