Bogrim 2016 begins with a bang!


Kayitz 2016 began wonderfully for Bogrim!  The chanichim (campers) were overjoyed to be with their friends again, and wasted no time running up to each other to say hi and help get each other settled into their tzrifim.

Tzrif 81 enjoys some lunch on their mirpeset (porch)!

Each tzrif  (bunk) spent some time getting to know each other and getting excited for the amazing kayitz (summer) ahead of us during their peulot tzrif (bunk activities).

Tzrif 46 guesses facts about their madrichim (counselors), before sharing some facts about themselves.

The entire edah came together for a fun peulah (activity) in the afternoon, where we mingled with each other, learned our edah shir (song), ran around a little bit and created a mural to hang in our moadon (pictures to come later!).  After aruchat erev (dinner), the edah enjoyed a peulat erev (evening activity) full of etgarim (challenges) that each k’vutzah (group) raced to complete. Chanichim untangled human knots, crossed the Beit Am Gadol on pieces of paper, used some silent communication skills, and guessed how many gallons of chicken soup the chadar ochel (dining hall) serves on Friday nights.  Chanichim also learned that our machazemer (musical) this kayitz (summer) is going to be ANNIE!

Chanichim cross the Beit Am Gadol without letting their feet touch the actual ground.
Smiling because they untangled themselves from the human knot!

Everyone had lots of fun and went to bed excited and ready for our first yom ragil (regular day) tomorrow. We can’t wait for the rest of the kayitz!

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