Bogrim in Action: Tennis & Ultimate Frisbee

Sunday was “Chug (elective) Change Day”, and our Bogrim chanichim (campers) eagerly engaged with tennis.  Professional Coach Eric Cestero (photo, below) is the Women’s tennis coach at Mt. Holyoke, and at South Hadley High School, and this is second year at Palmer as tennis coach.   He finds our chanichim respectful, and enjoys the well-organized and administered sports program here at Palmer.  He finds his experience here at Palmer to be elevating, and is determined to learn the numbers 1-10 in Hebrew this season. Go Coach!

Ultimate frisbee coach Will Thornton (below, red shirt) is enjoying his first summer at Palmer.  He led the Bogrim chug in drills and a high energy match on this  beatiful sunny Palmer morning. And for those  tracking our Meah Milim (one hundred Hebrew words to learn this summer), Will is proud to  have learned the Hebrew word Shalom.

Happy Bogrim chanichim, resting in between chugim:


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