Bogrim – back from etgar and better than ever!


During a jam-packed week, on Tuesday, Bogrim readied for their etgar camping trip which would take place Wednesday-Thursday. There were four trips: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, and Backpacking. The campers spent Tuesday gathering gear, building group culture, and getting psyched for their trip. Unfortunately, strong weather prevented us from leaving Wednesday morning, but we headed out Wednesday afternoon as soon as we could and everyone maintained an awesome attitude about the whole thing.

Once each group set out for the wilderness of Western and Northern MA, they started to focus on bonding the smaller groups rather than the larger edah group. One canoeing group went night-boating on a cove in the Connecticut River and enjoyed the silence of the night. The other canoeing group celebrated a group member’s birthday with camp fire songs. The rafting group had an impromptu talent show at their camp site. The kayaking group played volleyball and learned a dance at the camp site after dinner. The backpacking group cooked dinner together and the next morning woke up with incredible t’fillot while watching the sun rise.

Each group had a fantastic time on their respective trips, made new friends, formed closer bonds, and learned a little something about starting fires and paddling boats. The whole edah was super happy to be back together Thursday evening for the end of the session carnival and banquet. We shared etgar stories formally and informally and are excited to be back in camp for shabbat.

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