Bogrim Begins!




This is Daniel Rabin, the Rosh Edah (unit head) of Bogrim at Camp Ramah in New England! On Tuesday our campers arrived, and we've been off to a great start! After a week of planning, the staff was so excited to finally get to meet their campers.

After getting situated in our trzifim (bunks), the entire edah met, and we had a great peulat edah (edah activity). Our counselors introduced themselves through a skit, and then they all split up and ran stations so that the chanichim (campers) could get to know each other. The games were a lot of fun, and it was a great way for the campers to get to know their counselors! Later that evening we had a peulat erev(night activity) where each tzrif played some ice-breakers, and then painted a poster to hang in Moadon Bogrim (Bogrim meeting house). Overall it was a long, exciting, and promising day!

On Wednesday we had "take your camper to camp day" where our counselors spent the entire day with their chanichim at all their different activities. The campers were placed into different chugim(activities), and they set off to activities such as archery, fitness, tennis, photography, cartooning, and much more!

Stay tuned to find out what happens over the weekend. It will be nice to have a relaxing Shabbat where we can play some basketball, hang out with our friends, and enjoy the amazing ruach that permeates Camp Ramah every Shabbat!

CBogrim 1 Campers with their counselors on the basketball courts on the first night of camp. Bogrim Some Bogrim boys getting to know each other at Peulat Erev


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