Bogrim: breaking stereotypes and having fun

Bogrim Banim and Banot divided by gender for two great peulot erev: spa night and camouflage army games. Stereotypical? Not when the banim have the spa night and the banot play army games.

The banim gathered after aruchat erev (dinner) in the Beit Knesset to sample different face masks. “This feels interesting” and “It even tastes good” (said about the avocado face mask).

The banot met on the outdoor basketball court dressed in camouflage and played hide and seek games. They also talked about self-defense. Overheard from the peulah: “This is so much fun” and from a chanicha hidden in the shadows, “shhhhh, we don’t want to get caught.”

Everyone in Bogrim appreciated the opportunity to try something new and different. It was empowering for the tzevet (staff) plan programming that broke down stereotypes in a fun way.

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