Bogrim Builds Meaningful Connections to Israel

Tonight, our Edah had a meaningful Peulat Erev (night
activity).  Our campers were challenged
to think critically about issues facing Israeli society.  Specifically, campers compared their lives to
the lives of their teenage Israeli counterparts.  Campers discussed how over the next couple of
years while they will be making choices about college,  Israelis are considering what life will be
like in the army.  This Peula (activity) was
a great continuation of the conversations our campers have been having with
their Israeli counselors.

To begin the Peula, campers were divided up into
small groups on the tennis courts.  Together,
they read personal stories of the experiences of the families of Israeli soldiers.  Each group discussed various issues related
to Israeli society with a counselor who facilitated conversations.

We wrapped up the Peula by connecting some of the
topics we explored to Shiva Asar B’Tammuz (the Seventeenth of Tammuz), today’s
fast day commemorating the Roman Siege around Jerusalem.  Our unified Edah stood, linked arm in arm, in Jewish song, under the stars. 

 Stay tuned for more Bogrim news.


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