Bogrim Chanichim (campers) explore their talents during Kishroniyah!


This week all of tzad bet (B Side) has had the opportunity to work with experts in various fields during Kishroniyah. The word Kishroniyah means “talent” in Hebrew. Specialists were brought in from outside of camp to run a week of special workshops for all of tzad bet. Chanichim (camper) had the choice of participating in A Capella, Flag Football, Tennis, Basketball, Robotics, Film Making, Cooking, Ultimate Frisbee, Jewelry, Outdoor Mural, or Talit Making workshops. Chanichim in sport clinics are improving their game, and those in the arts are making beautiful creations! Here are some photos of the kids in action:

IMG_2403 IMG_2414 IMG_2419 IMG_2427 IMG_2430 IMG_2434

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