Bogrim- closing out Week 7 with a bang!

Amid busy planning for shabbat Bogrim this week, where Bogrimers will lead tfillot  and perform a song and dance for all of camp Friday night, the edah rose to the occasion to make Week 7 one of the best of the summer. Continuing the Evelyn Dragat Rubinstein Memorial Week of Tzrif Competition, Bogrimers competed in anagram challenges, nikayon challenges, an ode-writing contest and performance, and will compete in an Evelyn-look alike contest. So far, two Bogrim bunks, 41 and 40, took home the highest honors in categories of the competition.

Wednesday evening, Bogrim staff helped the campers run a peulah that they had planned. It was a giant game of hide-and-go-seek mixed with tag mixed with nigh stalker. The edah had a blast as they ran around the field with glow sticks trying to tag each other and not get caught. We were very proud of the campers who helped plan it and glad to see that they got to run their own peulah.

As Bogrim heads into the close of the week, they are looking forward to their shabbat and to Yom Berkshires on Sunday!

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