Bogrim day 1– Reunions, Rikkud, and Relaxing

A great day of reuniting with old friends and making new ones in Bogrim. The boker (morning) started with full session chanichim (campers) very excited to welcome those arriving for Machzor Sheini (second session)! The busses pulled in and Chanichim (campers) were embraced and felt at home again! After the welcome carnival, the rest of the day was packed with a series of peulot (activities) to meet the tzevet (staff) of the edah, and fellow Bogrimers. Then, we moved to learn our Rikkud (dance) for Shabbat Bogrim this coming shabbat! After some smiling, swimming, and relaxing by the agam, we’re ready for aruchat erev, and our first night in our full tzrifim (bunks). Erev tov!

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