Bogrim: Discover Your Inner Carpenter and Zumba dancer!

These Bogrim chanichim (campers) (photos, below) are creating amazing items in their chug nagarut (carpentry elective).  Items include: hamsa, airplane,  initials of first choice college, abstract sculpture in testimony to a beloved grandfather’s abstract sculptures, bow and arrow,  chess board, guitar, shabbatograms, and more.  They are learning great new skills, channeling their inner carpenters, and always: safety first.

Liron the amazing Zumba teacher coaches her high energy fitness and fun chug all day — 8 hours per day — on the mirpeset gedolah (grand balcony) (photo, top) overlooking the gorgeous agam  (lake).   Youth!  Here she is pictured with Bogrim, dancing, working out, having fun, smiling, and of course – cooling down stretches.  A person could shvitz just watching them! (Photos, below)





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