Bogrim does Yom Mario Party!

Yesterday was an amazing day!

We had a yom miyuchad (special day) planned by a bunch of our madrichim (counselors), and the theme was mesibat mario (mario party).

Playing off the concept of the video game, the madrichim created a day full of fun activities modeled after the video game. The chanichim (campers) were split into a bunch of different groups and given a mario character to be their mascot. They competed in games, cake decorating contests, and they even dug for treasure. After completing tasks, each team got coins, and the teams that succeeded exceptionally received stars. Overall it was a total blast. Chanichim really enjoyed the games, and they got to bond with a lot of people from their edah. Overall we enjoyed a very memorable day!

Below is a video of one of our mini-games. The chanichim in their teams competed in popping bubble wrap under specific guidelines.

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