Bogrim – ending Week 3 with a bang!


After Bogrim took all of Ramah by storm with their smashing success of a play, Frozen, they took Tuesday night and Wednesday to celebrate and relax.

Immediately after the play, Bogrim and Magshimim enjoyed an ice-cream sundae cast party. On Wednesday, Bogrim woke up energized for a yom ragil (regualar day) but there is not really such a thing as a regular day at camp. Each tzrif (bunk) had a special activity with their tzrif and counselors. Bunk 51 took to the field with bird feed and sun hats and went bird watching, looking for rare ovarian breeds of Central MA. Bunk 58 choreographed and directed a  music video to a popular song. Bunk 44 cooked their own lunch with a full mashed potato bar! 41 and 40 stuck together to get to know each other better and learn new things about one another. Afterwards, 41 and 44 went to Rondeu’s ice cream.

That afternoon, things got a lot less regular. Nivonim campers broke out Color War, a full day of special activities in which four teams throughout the whole camp compete. The Bogrimers instantly became leaders on their teams and are enjoying the chance to bring spirit and energy to their teams. They look forward to closing out a great Color War, enjoying a morning of bunk activities tomorrow, starting shabbat, and looking forward to a busy but amazingly fun week ahead!

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