Bogrim enjoys Yom Pixar!

Today, Bogrim participated in a fantastic Pixar- themed yom meyuchad (special day).  Chanichim completed various peulot (activities) based on Pixar movies, that all related to our educational theme of structural inequality in the United States. Our day started out strong with some Wall-E themed Nikayon, as chanichim embodied the role of the trash collecting robot as they cleaned their tzrifim (bunks).

Next, during our Up peulah (activity), chanichim (campers) built houses out of cardboard, pool noodles, trays, tape, balloons and various other materials.  Through the various challenges they faced, chanichim learned about housing inequality in our country, all while having a blast!  Their houses were judged on height, structural integrity and creativity. There were some incredible creations!

The winners of the house- building contest, posing with our guest judges, Ed Pletman (Director of Finance and Operations) and Rhonda Parker (Development and Campaign Director)
Pointing up for Up!
Beginning the process of figuring out how to attach all the balloons to the house.
This kvutzah definitely had the tallest house. Look at that tower of balloons!

Next, chanichim created culinary masterpieces during Ratatouille Iron Chef.  They learned about food inequality and worked together to master a budget, time crunch, and use a variety of ingredients in creating the most tasty dish possible!

Some Bogrim ladies presenting their impeccable culinary creations!
Working hard at the prep station.
This kvutzah chose to present their food on a watermelon plate — extra points for presentation!
One of the dishes our chanichim created — beautiful and delicious nachos!

After a break for aruchat tzohorayim (lunch), chanichim walked to Rondeau’s, where they enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

Some banot from 46 eating their ice cream at Rondeaus!
The banim of 62 on their walk back to camp, some still enjoying their Rondeaus ice cream and milkshakes.
Posing with Alvina, the Rondeaus cow.

In the afternoon, we practiced for our machezemer (musical), Annie, and finished off our day with a rousing game of Scattergories.  We had a ton of fun during Yom Pixar!!

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