Bogrim – Frozen, Identities, and Legos

Now that the summer is in full swing, Bogrim has delved into preparing for our upcoming musical, Frozen, as well as participating in other activities which challenged them to think about their own identities and what they are grateful for.

During Sunday night’s peulat erev, the campers entered our moadon to find quotes, T-shirts, hats, sports balls, and other items meant to reflect a representation of their identities. The campers chose a collection of quotes and items which they connected to and split up into groups based on the items to discuss. They asked themselves why they chose the items and quotes they did, if they would have made the same choices five years ago, and ten years in the future. Campers and staff felt a sense of real sharing and opened up about how our individual identities contribute to our larger identity as a Bogrim edah.

The next day, campers switched gears to practice our edah song and dance (“Fixer-Upper”) for the upcoming musical. Each bunk was responsible for coming up with a component of the dance and performed for one another. Our dance specialist, Mor, helped choreograph the whole group part of the dance. The dance is adorable and highlights the individual bunks while also including everyone in a big, rousing dance number.

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Today Bogrim had our first Yom Meyuchad – Yom Lego! The campers competed in a scavenger hunt to find Lego pieces to build structures, discussed what it means to build a community based around Jewish values, and played a six-team capture the Lego game.

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It has been a great week so far and we’re looking  forward to more exciting days in Bogrim!

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