Bogrim Go Funyaking

Adat-haBogrim had a great day “funyaking” — having fun and kayaking — yesterday on the Deerfield River.  They started out by packing their own aruchat tzaharayim (lunch).  The bus ride of 90 minutes was filled with song, mostly the standard repertoire old favorites from Seuda Shlishit.  Once they arrived at the push-off point, they were given safety and kayaking instructions, and then treated to an 8 mile self-guided course in single and double kayaks.  The course took approximately 3 1/2 hours, and included games on the river — catch, squirt toys, and more.  It was a calm, relaxing trip and the chanichim (campers) exhibited great problem-solving skills and helped each other over any rough patches.  What a great trip!



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