Bogrim – great start to week 6!


Early on in Week 6, Bogrim had a Yom Meyuchad (special day). After a spirited Rosh Hodesh t’fillah, Bogrim found out that the theme of their Yom Meyuchad was…Yom Monopoly! First the edah divided into their teams for the day and made their Monopoly-style playing pieces out of clay. Each team completed challenges throughout the day in order to earn so that they could buy deeds and work towards receiving a monopoly. For the “Chance” block of the day, the edah went on a photo scavenger hunt, and had a blast taking pictures of bar mitzvah reenactments, receiving of the Torah reenactments, and other silly photographs.

Next, the groups split again, this time using all of camp as a giant Monopoly board. The groups went to different stations around camp, competed for “Bogrim Bucks,” and had the opportunity to purchase deeds. After the purchasing of their deeds, with their remaining Bogrim Bucks, the groups ran a mock allocations of donations meeting. The staff taught the campers about the different requirements of Jewish law to give tzedakah, and based on these laws, decided how many of their Bogrim Bucks to “donate” to causes such as Magen David Adom, the Humane Society, Project Bread, and more. Each group presented on where they were allocating their money and how much.

To end the entire day in a crazy and ridiculous fashion, Bogrim specialty staff ran five different rotating activities, all involving paint to represent the different colors of the monopolies. The edah ended up getting a little artsy and a little messy and everyone had a great time!

It was a fun, reflective, and crazy day with a lot of variety. We are looking forward to the upcoming Kishroniyah Wednesday -Friday.Kishroniyah on Wednesday-Friday!

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