Bogrim has a blast on Yom Palmer Reality!


Today Bogrim had a Yom Meyuchad (special day), Yom Palmer Reality! All of the activities were based on reality TV shows ranging from Extreme Makeover: Home Addition to Survivor. The day started with Shark Tank, where the edah was split into groups and each group had to create a product that addressed a need at camp, and then they had to create a jingle for it and present their idea. Later in the day the groups learned about a variety of social issues through watching documentary trailers, and learned about the power of documentary films. Chanichim (campers) showed off their culinary skills during Chopped, their creativity during Project Runway, and their talents during Dancing with the Stars and the Voice! Tonight for peulat erev (evening activity), the different groups will be showing off their creations, and prizes will be awarded to the winners of the various competitions we had throughout the day!


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