Bogrim hits the big stage!


Last night edat Bogrim and edat Magshimim (rising 8th graders) took the stage to perform the hatzagah (play) Alice in Wonderland. After working on the play for weeks (since the start of camp really), we finally got to present the play to the entire camp.

Alice in Wonderland comprised numerous scenes, and our Bogrimers made the play magical. Our core group of actors have been working in the drama chug to master their lines and their solos. They sang each song beautifully, and timed each joke perfectly. Additionally, we had a boys dance and a girls dance, both of which were spectacular and took many hours of work. Lastly, the entire edah went on stage for a final song and dance. All the chanichim put in a lot of effort to mastering this last piece, and it truly showed on stage.

Last night Bogrim came together as an edah. Along with Magshimim, we were able to do something that will be remembered in camp all summer, and for many summers to come! 

Alice 2 Alice 1


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