Bogrim is off to a fantastic start!


The campers spent the first day getting to know their staff and catch up with one another. Each bunk had a bunk activity where they set goals and expectations for the session. We then came together as a whole edah and learned our edah song (Anachnu Bogrim, Tzoakim ’14!) and play a few ice-breaking games. The edah has been excited to get into the swing of things at camp, with active shirah and rikud after meals in the chadar ochel.

With the production of our Magshimim-Bogrim Hebrew musical only two weeks away, the campers were thrilled to find out that they will be acting, singing, and dancing in…Frozen! On Wednesday, campers auditioned for the musical and blew us away with their talent and enthusiasm. Walking into the bunks at night, campers were already singing the songs from the musical. Rehearsals will be underway soon and each camper will get the chance to participate in the edah song and dance, as well as opportunities for smaller dance and song numbers.

We can’t wait to finish out a great first week at camp with Shabbat!

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