Bogrim Kicks Off the Second Session!

Shalom Bogrim Families,


It has been an exciting couple of days in Bogrim. After a sad and tearful goodbye to many of our first session campers, we welcomed 20 new second session campers on Tuesday. It’s great to add so many new energized faces to this great edah.


Last night, for peulat erev we drew facebook pages for different biblical characters. The groups were able to list interests, activities, write on one another’s walls, and add gifts to each other’s pages. Pages were made for characters such as Ruth, David, Goliath, and Judah Macabee. All the posters were extremely creative and informative and everyone had a lot of fun.


Today, was our first yom ragil (normal day). Campers and counselors went to a new set of activities today. It was great to walk around camp and see everyone enjoying Omanut (arts & crafts), rock climbing, basketball, dance, and all the other wonderful activities that Ramah has to offer.


I am looking forward to getting to know the new campers and for another great session.


Kol Tuv,


Jenna Silverman

Rosh Bogrim

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