Bogrim: Living up to our Name

Bogrim is an edah where we begin to look a little deeper. Bogrim literally means "the mature ones", so we challenge our chanichim to earn that title.

Last night we ran a peulat erev where all the campers were split up into groups to learn a little bit about social awareness. We gave each camper in each group a slip of paper that contained the identity that they would take on. After each camper had his or her identity, we had them line up next to each other. Various statements were called out such as "step forward if you have access to internet". A camper whose identity was that of a suburban mother would step forward, but someone who had the persona of a 65 year old homeless war veteran would not.

By the end of these statements we had huge gaps between the different campers. We came back together and spoke about how it felt, and the chanichim had fantastic answers and really high level discussions. The peula was a huge success and in the end, the chanichim lived up to the name "Bogrim".

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