Bogrim practice hachnasat orchim as they welcome their counterpart Edah from Ramah Poconos,

This evening, our Bogrim hosted Pocono’s Machon. All of the Chanichim are going into 10th grade.  The Poncono’s chanichim are on their way to Boston and stopped with us for the night to sleep.  While at Palmer, they used the Bet Am Bet as their base and sleeping space.  After aruchat erev, our Bogrim and Pocono’s Machon spent time getting to know each other. They divided into smaller groups and discussed their favorite camp traditions and learned that not all camps are run the same way, even though they share a similar name.  For example, Poconos does not participate in a big sporting event like Yom Roo. While our oldest age group, Nivonim, plans and leads Yom Sport, their Yom Sport is organized and lead by junior counselors.  They also confirmed that the Yom Yom (daily schedule) looks very similar and that Poconos participates in the Meah Milim program as well.  Additionally, (in a great Jewish geography moment), Sarah and Daniel,the Roshei Edot graduated from Barrack Hebrew Academy in Philadelphia the same year.

After the groups got to know each other a bit and learned about the similarities and differences between the two camps, the groups of chanichim were given popsycle sticks, straws, tape, and string and asked to make a bridge. The winner of the bridge competition had to make a bridge that could withstand a lot of weight.

What a great way to learn how to build bridges both literally and figuratively.



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