Bogrim prepares for Etgar!


Tomorrow morning, all of Adat HaBogrim will embark on an etgar trip. Etgar literally means "challange", and starting in Bogrim, this etgar trip involves leaving camp for an overnight. This is the first summer for an edah where they leave camp for etgar, so it is sure to be a new and exciting experience. The chanichim have been divided up into some truly awesome trips including canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, biking, and rafting. These exciting excursions will give the Bogrimers the opportunity to work together towards a common goal, while allowing them to have fun in nature.

In order to go on this trip, we spent the afternoon working to prepare for etgar. In each group chanichim built trust through bonding games, and packed up their gear for the trips that await us. Check back in a couple of days to hear about how all the trips went. Below are a couple of snapshots of the backpacking group working today during etgar prep.

Etgar prep 1

Etgar prep 2

Etgar prep 3

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