Bogrim Presents: Yom Masa Bein Kochavim (Intergalactic Space Adventure)!


Yesterday, Edat Habogrim embarked on an exciting yom miyuchad (special day) focused on activities having to do with outer space. We had fun training programs that saw chanichim running around, going on trust walks, and working on team building. We also built cardboard space ships and had a giant relay race around camp. 

One of the educational themes of Bogrim this summer is Israel, so in the afternoon we learned about the Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, who passed away on a mission nearly 10 years ago. Ilan Ramon was truly an Israeli hero, so it was great to learn about various aspects of his life. Campers made posters commemorating Ilan Ramon, who was truly an Israeli hero. Another Israel related activity we had was a rap battle. Each group of chanichim was given a different issue facing Israel and they each came up with clever raps that explained potential solutions. Everyone was extremely creative, and it sparked great discussion about Israel as well!

Overall this yom miyuchad was hugely successful! We learned a lot and had a lot of fun too! Check out picture below to see some fun stuff we did.

Blog pic 3

Blog pic 2
Blog pic1


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