Bogrim returns from Etgar!


On Monday morning, adat HaBogrim set out on our overnight etgar. We went on our separate trips, and wouldn't meet up again until Tuesday afternoon. In those 30 hours or so, chanichim in Bogrim faced challenges that brought each group together, and thus helped us bond as an edah. Chanichim came back with amazing stories of how the various things they faced in nature. After getting back from these amazing trips we had a peulat erev that focused on the concept of growing as a result of facing adversity.  

This was the first year for this edah that etgar took place outside of camp. The trips that we go on in Bogrim teach the campers about how to take initiative and how to take care of themselves. Aside from facing physical trials, the chanichim are expected to try to figure out their way by looking at maps, and to cook meals for themselves. It was a very fun experience, and the energy in the edah now is amazing. We are so excited for the rest of the summer! Check out the pictures below of the rafting etgar trip.

Etgar 1

Etgar 2

Etgar 3

Etgar 4

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