Bogrim take-home Projects


Shalom from Bogrim! We are having such an amazing time this summer, and we just wanted to update you on one of the awesome projects our chanichim are doing today.

Our chanichim are working with a professional artist to create beautiful Judaica art projects. Most of the chanichim are working on mosaic mezuzot, but some are also making birkat habayit (blessing of the house) mosaics. The whole process takes two days. The first day they cut and place the tiles into the designs that they want. They glue the tiles to the wood and then wait a day for everything to dry. The second day they paint and grout their projects and can place extra items on top to make them extra special. Below are a couple of pictures of our chanichim hard at work! You will all be seeing the final project when your kids return home with their beautiful pieces of art!

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